Professional Swing Set Services

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Swingset service offerings


1) Complete assembly and secure installation of swing set at desired location on your property.

2) Leveling ground for up to 6 inches of digging, as needed. Additional leveling is an additional fee. 

3) Safety check to make sure set is stable and components are functioning to manufacturer specifications.

RELOCATION includes:

1) Disassembling playset at current location.

2) Transporting playset to new location.

3) Reassembling playset at new site.

4) Safety check and (when applicable) recommendation of any needed maintenance such as repairs, replacement parts, sealant / weather protection.


1) Safety inspection to determine if swing set is functioning properly and with optimal stability checklist.

2) Completion of any recommended playset hardware and wood repairs / replacements.

3) Tighten bolts and other hardware.

4) Sanding and Staining to restore "new playset" beauty (note: playset must be dry 24hrs before and after this service).